In this third part of the Big Small Business Show, Kumaran Padayachee starts off with establishing the business approach as a function of the target market rather than the product itself. Exploring the vast difference between marketing for the commercial and public sector, Mamonyane representatives (Jan & Kgomotso) were able to better expatiate on the transition process for Mamonyane.

The opportunity to identify and emphasize on our differentiators as we focus on corporate clients is one major advantage of this transition. According to Monalisa Sam, the public sector development may impede our capacity to be more creative in engaging target markets. We also align with these thoughts and are determined to go several steps beyond quality service, timely delivery, and human capacity development.

Our organizational worldview is one that engages development with proactive sales function. Mamonyane has consequently invested more time and resources to developing our sales approach and function so that we are able to penetrate the growing corporate commercial market. This decision based on our sessions on the show has influenced our organic growth tremendously. Mamonyane’s approach to business is not rigid, we continuously evolve to accommodate input from stakeholders. This helps us to implement and grow strategically.