The Big Small Business Show show continues on with the Part 2. Host Allon Raiz asks questions about the client acquisition strategy using Nelson in the first part of the show as an example. How were you able to find this client? Raiz asks. Mr. Jan goes on to explain how the quality of work and timely delivery on one of their sites had attracted the client who immediately got the company contact details from the site workers.

Kgomotso responds to questions from Monalisa about the unique selling point of Mamonyane. He says the Quality of service, Speed of delivery and an ability to retain skilled employees through great leadership has been the key attributes that set the company apart.

The need to penetrate a highly competitive corporate commercial development market highlights the company’s need to drive for better relationship management. Mamonyane is determined to tackle this challenge with greater dedication and build a network within which our solutions connect to the needs of our prospective clients. This would bring us closer to the representatives and decision-makers within our industry. We are open to consultations and always willing to support businesses in their development needs.