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Turnkey Construction Management and Commercial Property Development

Mamonyane Construction CC is a well established black-owned enterprise that provides turnkey construction management and property development solutions to private and public-sector clients.

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown in experience and in a capacity such that it has not only survived through the challenging construction environment and economic climate of South Africa but continuously aims towards becoming the best. The company has earned a reputation as a trusted contractor for building construction, maintenance, and refurbishment projects from new structures – commercial, industrial and residential, to restorations of heritage buildings, we are in our element on the building site, regardless of the nature or requirements of a project.

Mamonyane Construction CC endeavours to be a heavy construction sector company with a focus on infrastructure development. We seek to continuously grow the professional staff body which complements the competency of the organisation. Our work environment encourages diversification and healthy work spaces that engender cooperation and teamwork. We seek to diversify our projects and portfolio as we implement strategic drives into different sectors of industrial space.

Construction Management

Over 20 years of Construction experience in South Africa. Mamonyane is led by seasoned visionaries with immense technical experience.

Turnkey Construction

Mamonyane has an unbeatable reputation for executing developments on a traditional procurement basis and as a value-add contractor.

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Refurbish & Restore

We restore dilapidated, failing or outdated structures to marketable conditions.

Total Remake

Our team seeks to provide resources and workforce that would identify property with inherent commercial value and refurbish same to market ready state.

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Building Maintenance

With experience in building maintenance in the public sector, we provide best practices to maintain a consistent business outlook of quality and excellent taste.

Optimising for efficiency

At Mamonyane we target an exclusive market of space users who require high standards of space quality for their business operations.

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Property Development

With our years of experience in the construction industry, we have diversified into turnkey property developers in the northern South African region.

New Horizons

We have a portfolio of properties and are continuously seeking new opportunities for investment. Contact us for an opportunity to invest in some of our upcoming developments.

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Explore Recent Work

Our experience cuts across several provinces and cities in South Africa. This positions us as an experienced company in construction, development and maintenance within the ever-evolving commercial property market.

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Featured Clients

We understand that no two projects are the same, however we know that a successful project is built on the foundation of trust. Our clients need a partner they can rely on. A partner that executes every project with efficiency, professionalism and reverence for the client’s vision and values.

Our Core Values

Mamonyane was founded on guiding principles of creating an environment for human capacity development while delivering optimal value to our clientele. We create the value to serve our clients and employees. 

Our Clients Say

“Mamonyane build one of our self storage facilities. They completed the project in budget and on schedule. They were responsive to my requests in the execution of the project. Their services surpassed what I had expected.”

Nelson Teixeira • Director, U Can Store

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Leveraging Profitable Opportunities Within the Construction Market 

The South African commercial space grows in a unique manner that requires highly skilled teams of developers to match up the pace of demand with supply. 

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