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Complete Renovation Services

Our experience in refurbishment extends from the simple small-scale renovation and redesign to the most comprehensive and demanding large-scale projects.

We provide In-house expertise in structural works, stabilization of existing fabric, renovation, installation of services and painting and decoration. You are assured of professional management by experienced refurbishment teams, all delivered to the highest quality standards.

Mamonyane offers turnkey construction and refurbishment solutions. We focus on providing a holistic service.  We oversee issues relating to budgeting, procurement, scheduling and preparation of tender documents. With qualified and dedicated project managers, construction managers, design engineers and architects, Mamonyane offers a one-stop-shop for construction and refurbishment projects of any size.

Refurbishment, re-use and renewal

Most developers focus on new developments while paying little or no attention to the refurbishment of older viable structures.

Mamonyane offers refurbishment of buildings. We turn outdated buildings into aesthetically pleasing edifices suitable for use. Offering a new purpose with an upgrading and reconfiguration that goes far beyond the cosmetic.

Applying the increasing acceptability of re-use and recycling of old buildings, we are able to save on finances. Rather than demolishing old or dysfunctional buildings, we are able to achieve greater environmental and financial value by re-using buildings.


We refurbish buildings to:

  • Modify building functionality
  • Increase property value
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Extending the property lifespan
  • Improve the working environment for employees
  • Increase rental income
  • Repair damage to the existing building

Overall there is a huge cost saving involved in adopting refurbishment as a property development strategy. Our team of expert is ready to put you through all the stages and requirements for your refurbishment projects.

Leveraging Profitable Opportunities Within the Construction Market 

The South African commercial space grows in a unique manner that requires highly skilled teams of developers to match up the pace of demand with supply. 

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