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Company History

In 1996, Jan Mamunyani was retrenched from LTA Construction after he had worked himself up to a supervisor position. A major setback which ordinarily should have stalled his development. He subsequently decided to leverage his experience in the construction industry. This decision led to the establishment of Mamonyane Construction. The organization was formally registered in 2000. Despite the difficulties and barriers to entry, the strong network of business stakeholders and support developed Mamonyane into a model business entity.

The company has participated in various government and private sector projects. Through an insistence on quality service, Mamunyani has led the company to become a beacon of hope and inspiration of growth for all the families the company supports. Mamonyane places great value on the families that constitute the organization, we believe that the welfare of the people translates directly to organizational welfare. The human capacity development process and initiatives are geared to promote a high standard and accountability across the board.

Over the past 20 years, the company has grown in experience and in a capacity such that it has not only survived through the challenging construction environment and economic climate of South Africa but continuously aims towards becoming the best. The company has earned a reputation as a trusted contractor for building construction, maintenance, and refurbishment projects from new structures – commercial, industrial and residential, to restorations of heritage buildings, we are in our element on the building site, regardless of the nature or requirements of a project. 

Our Vision

To give hope to our people by availing opportunities of growth in a people-centric construction and property development organization.

Leveraging Opportunities

With origins dating back to 1996, Mamonyane has a long and proud heritage of more than three (3) decades.

Following the decision to establish a construction and commercial property development company, Mamonyane has established business footprint predominatly in and around Gauteng, and still endeavours to grow into the rest of South Africa. Company registration number 2000/010970/23. We have attained a CIDB Grading of 6 GB and 6 CE. This is backed by years of actual development work within both the private and public sector.

Mamonyane Construction CC endeavours to be a heavy construction sector company with a focus on infrastructure development. We seek to continuously grow the professional staff body which complements the competency of the organisation. Our work environment encourages diversification and healthy work spaces that engender cooperation and teamwork. We seek to diversify our projects and portfolio as we implement strategic drives into different sectors of industrial space.

Notable are landmark projects like Expansion of a University Mansion Apartment, Refurbishment of Imbizo restaurant, Development of Elandspark Office Block & Storage units, Limpopo Valencia Blue Bridge Construction and many more.

Our Mission

Mamonyane Construction CC endeavours to be a heavy construction and property development company with a focus on infrastructure development.

Leveraging Profitable Opportunities Within the Construction Market 

The South African commercial space grows in a unique manner that requires highly skilled teams of developers to match up the pace of demand with supply. 

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